Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Peace Happened

Did you remember to count the good things that happened today? Or like the news, do you only pay attention to the bad things that occur? Did you reflect on the sun that was shining or did you say it was too hot to be out of doors?

Did you notice the squirrel that came out to play or just complain there's a rodent in the way? Did you see the light pattern brightening up the leaves or just notice the day lacked a spring breeze?

Were your ears attuned to the birds' conversation or did they mess on your car and give you some aggravation? Perception is the way we look at the world and whether the smallest blessings catch our eye or the one negative ruined our day.

For that is what the ordinary consists of. Oh, there are going to be calamities, for sure, for life itself is no calm sea. But often in each wave that comes to shore small gifts are deposited on the sand.

The miracle of a perfect shell, grunions in season, a gulls dinner. We need at times to look beyond the obvious to find the beautiful. The buried treasure beneath years of rubble.

The good that comes later when the community gets together to help each other rebuild after a tornado. The unsung heroes that take time to rescue a trapped cat.

Life, the majority of it, is made up of small events that can be looked back upon with a smile. But it requires us first to notice them. Record them in the history book of our mind. To say a silent thank you.

And at the end of each day's closing enough gratitude to make it a worthwhile endeavor. If nothing else be grateful for the things that didn't happen. On a dull day, there can be a lot of that, it's called peace.