Sunday, July 10, 2016

A children's performance

Nothing is more joyful than a child's performance, on stage, at school. Their eyes search the crowd until they see you are there and then light up with gladness and gratitude that you have come, and as they sing and dance they check your expression for approval.

And when you smile and applaud their face and heart literally light up, and they glow. They bask in the love they feel returned and the pride that is a gift they have earned. As a grandma, I am privileged to be included.

The children pose readily for pictures as if they understand this even is worth recording on film. Some don't remember the words but mouth along. They all listen anxiously for the cues and the music to start.

At first they are nervous but as they progress and see that their audience is loving their show they relax into it and enjoy their own voice and movements. The want to be the best of the best, just for you. Each song elicits more enthusiasm, and their voices get louder and more distinct. I can pick out the voices of my granddaughter, it resonates within me.

Kindergarten is just the best of times on stage, my grandchild front row, center, beaming. When they dance the macarena she is a little imp shaking her bootie and loving it. Afterward in the classroom, she feels quite the little lady and all.

Those with someone there feel that sense of importance. They gift you with crepe paper flowers they made themselves in various shades of colors from the vibrant to the subdued.

They act the host or hostess, serving their guests lemonade or cookies and showing you where they sit. I take her picture with her teacher and her smile is like sunshine and she feels important, which she is.

To be there for the children is the greatest gift we can give. Their self-esteem is encouraged and they reward us with love. It really doesn't get any better than that.