Sunday, July 3, 2016

Be there with love

The best thing we can do for someone we love is to be there for them. Not just at the high points in their lives like graduations, marriages, and birthdays, but especially in the lowest times that they may know they are loved, no matter what.

We can be there for them in our prayers asking for God's intervention at times and blessings at others. If they are too weak to speak we can be their voice in the wilderness so that the Divine can be their light in the darkness.

That's what love is all about. It is patient and kind. It is unlimited. It can reach across miles. It will go the distance. It doesn't expect perfection. We only need ask. Sometimes we feel that we cannot receive God's Divine guidance because we are not perfect enough.

We feel we must reach a certain state of spiritualness before God can hear us or will answer us. This is foolish, for we will be continually waiting for that elevated moment in order to reach out when it is already available.

God already knows how we feel. He is but waiting for us to speak. Not to punish us, but to guide us. Not to admonish us, but to exhibit His great love for us. His unconditional love. He has given us free will. That will includes whether or not we seek the Spirit that is present within us all.

If we ask, God will answer. If we have fears that block us He will remove them, if we but ask. When we seek God, we receive peace. There is no ritual prayer that is necessary. No special place to be. No perfect position to assume.

We only need open our mind, our heart, and talk to God about what concerns us, moves us, makes us fearful, to ask for guidance, or assistance, and to be open to that little small voice within that is an Angel or God speaking to us in return. To let His miracles work in our lives and to give thanks.