Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Building your future

There comes a period of time in all our lives when we can no longer be contained in the home of the spirit we have built ourselves and it is time to reconstruct our lives with guidance and faith. We need to search deeply to know the new foundation that we want to lay, for this is where we will be grounded as we set upon a new journey.

It is the site of the spirit within. It contains our dreams, and aspirations. Do not be afraid to make it large enough to contain many rooms so that our interests may be wide and varied. This is the house of courage to begin a new journey.

Your visions, plans, and goals are the blueprints, you yourself, draw up. Create it as a shelter for all that you love. Let it be built in peace, joy, and love, that you make know contentment here.

Be passionate in your design for it contains all your possibilities and hopes. The hearth is the center of a home, as the heart is the center of the soul, make it a thing of beauty and comfort. A place of welcome, of warmth to draw close to.

Make your timbers strong for they support your faith in the future and in yourself. Lay each brick with care, building one upon another that they may withstand the storms of life.

You choose the design. You lay the bricks and you fill in the cracks one step at a time. This is progress in Divine guidance. It is the pathway that leads to the door.

We fill our home with our choices. We can rearrange it however we choose or replace what does not work in our life. Hang a welcome sign that the Angels may dwell with us, guiding, sheltering, loving, protecting. This is your future, create it well. May gratitude and peace accompany you along the way.