Friday, July 22, 2016

Today is a gift

Today is my blank page. How am I going to choose to color the day? I have choices to make. There may be a list of to's but there is always open space to fill as we will.

Begin your day with thanks and with thought. How do you want your day to unfold? What do you want to accomplish? What memories do you want to create? Be purposeful in your choices.

Each day is a gift you can give yourself. The precious moments that are yours to fill can be chosen wisely instead of wasted. But don't be so rigid that you eliminate spontaneity. They are gifts of the Divine.

Take time to go outside into the world, it refreshes you. God didn't' create the day for us to miss it entirely, locked up in an office or the house.

Take time to breathe deeply. To clearly see the wonders that are Divine creation. Including ourselves. Be aware of your authentic self and all the passion for life within.

Live aware. Fill the day with possibilities and purpose. Celebrate life. Invite God and the angels to share the day with you and it will be more joyful, more alive to the moment, more productive and more conscious.

Life isn't meant to be lived on automatic pilot. We can choose to be in the drivers seat, each day. To open our heart to all it holds. To be in anticipation instead of postponement.

If we live waiting for our life to start it never will. Today we can choose to change the world by changing our outlook. Each day we are reborn to a new beginning.

It is our history in the making. It is our spiritual journey. Our destiny is in our hands. It is our story to write. Our page to fill. Our choice on how to live.

Each day is a precious gift to be treasured. When we open it let us do it with more thought to how we will use it so that at the end of the day we can give thanks for its blessings.