Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nothing is ordinary

Nothing in life is ordinary for it was created by the Divine. Look at the detail in a leaf or a flower. There are more colors on the palette of nature than man can create with his brush and pigments.

See the imagination that causes a plant to grow from a tiny seed put in the ground. Feel the strength of a tree and how even it reaches toward heaven in adoration.

The sky can be clear or cloudy at a whim. Clouds can be billowy like fluffy cotton and change their shapes, take on different forms, gather water for rain, sleet or snow, and release their energies down to earth.

Stars and planets twinkle at us from millions of miles away and the man in the moon changes faces nightly while the sun comes out to warm the earth and all its inhabitants on its daily round. Basting the world on all sides.

Everything that grows is an infinite variety of perfumes. Plants give us food in a myriad of varieties, tastes, textures and colors. They grow under or above ground. They climb if they can and hang from trees.

The breeze is invisible as is the air, yet we know it is there. It can caress us at times and blow our whole world away at others.

Water covers much of the land. It is a source of food, of fun, and of travel. Man can never completely conquer the elements, no matter how hard he tries.

We don't often enough treat with respect what God has given us. We fill our lives with so much doing that we forget to take time to just be and to look around us in gratitude.

To breathe deep and to feel blessed. To walk the beach, gather shells, and to see their beauty and uniqueness, as are we, creations too by the Divine in a variety of color, sizes, tastes, and talents. Nothing is ordinary, not even ourselves.