Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today's small possibilities

Our days are made up, not of grand events, but of small possibilities. Not all of us have our days filled with important events, but what we do is important to the events of our day. Do we take time for silent reflection before we begin our day? And do we end it with gratitude for all the blessings the Divine has bestowed?

Are we willing to slow down, to be aware of each day's passing? Or do we rush through life never knowing where it went? Today is a gift, open it slowly. Savor each new moment, the unfolding. All that it encompasses and all who we meet along the way.

Be open to receive. Be aware of small graces and the beauty in the mundane. Take time to breathe in the aroma of life and of nature. Truly listen to what is said and unsaid. What is sung and unsung. For there are messages between the pauses and in the quiet.

In order to hear them, we must be willing to listen. In order to hear the Divine speak in the silence, we must become quiet, in our actions, and in our mind. In order to see, we must take time to look. When we ask for guidance we must pause to hear the answer.

In order to be aware, we must live consciously. Make each thing you do a prayer, whether it's driving or doing dishes. Do all things well and with joy. Realize what a blessing it is that you can do these small things.

Many cannot and yet are still able to contribute to the universe. Prayer itself is a contribution and a gift. Pray for others, the known and the unknown. Pray for peace that enough energy may change our world.

Pray for those who don't know how to pray. Pray for the lost, the homeless, the abused, the neglected, the saints and the sinners. For when we pray we are opening communication with the Divine who gives us greater enlightenment and fills our days with joyous wonder. Mostly be thankful.