Monday, July 25, 2016

It's time for a pause

The Divine gives us pauses in our lives for the soul purpose of clearing our senses. For only when we are clear can we reevaluate our life and if necessary make a conscious choice to redirect it. To choose again, more wisely.

Our senses are an intuition of the soul. Unfortunately, when we are rushing through life we drown them out. That's why pauses are important. To give us time to go within. To be quiet and listen.

Instead of being in fear when we reach a pause we need to look at the opportunity. The gift it bears to bring new possibilities and greater insight. Be grateful, breathe, and reconnect. Pauses are sacred blessings.

Make the choice to seek Divine guidance and clarity for the path on the journey ahead. It is a time to seek peace in a troubled world. To find a greater meaning to your life. To be in touch with your spirit and intuition.

A pause gives us time to revisit places necessary to revitalize our inner self. For some, it is the beach. The sound of the waves lapping on the shore. The smell of the salt air.

To others, it is a quiet meadow. The majesty of the trees around you. The hum of the insects pollinating. The flutter of a butterfly's wings. The scent of damp earth, pine needles, and wildflowers.

Whatever feeds your spirit, take time to do it, and to remember who you are, a Divine creation of God. Remember you are an expression of Divine love. That life is a purpose, not a collection of random disconnected acts.

In the pause take time to know yourself. The who and where you're meant to be. Cherish the time to revisit your senses. To go within so that we may choose to rearrange what is occurring without.

For we must first make clear the interior before we can change the exterior. This is the pause that refreshes our spirit, ourselves, our aspirations, our life. Be at peace.