Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family by choice

There is family, and then there's family. One by birth and one by choice. I have often read that we choose our parents for lessons we needed to learn in this life. It is a preparation for what is to come. And some of us feel we never belonged to the family who birthed us, by the way they treated us, because of instinct, or omission.

We've always felt an outsider trying to get in, And there are those we meet in life with whom we feel an instant kinship, a bonding. We recognize a connection of family found. We have come home. But we take our childhood lessons with us, as part of our character.

What we experienced helped forge us, the rest is by choice. We can choose what we are, to grow, to release, to choose again. To go beyond the limitations others have set for us.

My closest family are my children and my friends. I have one of my own who often feels the same as I do. I can feel his pain and sometimes we really connect. He feels no real closeness or family ties to with his biological family.

He's always been searching for that spiritual family he knows he has, and if he can't find it, he'll create it. He is growing into who he is, and because of that he likes himself better. I give him space and love and that seems to be a tool to help him more.

I have made peace, myself, with my inner feelings. I have accepted that there cannot be a closeness where none existed and I am blessed by the abundance of family I have recognized in life and the bond of love we share.

I no longer feel lost or alone. There are challenges in knowing your uniqueness. The quest to belong. The finding that you always did. For we all have a Divine connection guiding us to our true home and inner peace.