Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Purpose in the valley

It is important to have faith that God will provide for our needs no matter that it takes longer than we anticipated. It will always come at the right time. God has never left me stranded. It is only my own fear speaking that blocks the abundance God is always ready to bestow.

When I release my will to God's greater will, the outcome is always for my best interests. There is purpose too in waiting for it strengthens our faith and opens the soul in our searching.

Waiting is the valley of spiritual growth, of preparing for a new path, of releasing unnecessary burdens from the past and of healing old wounds. It is a time of preparation that we cannot rush through.

God knows when it is the right time to move on. Until then we need embrace the time as a period of transformation, of readying ourselves for the next experience of our journey for it leads to a new evolution of self.

One of greater awareness and possibilities. This is a time to "be", not to do. To absorb the lessons we are here to learn. It is not a time of conflict but to seek peace. To recharge your spirit and to undergo God's perfecting of this creation called self.

It is a time of testing in truth but God will see us through and we will emerge strengthened by the experience, grounded in spirit and in greater appreciation of all things.

We are right where we are supposed to be at this period in our life. There is a greater plan than we cannot see. We often experience greater synchronicity during this valley time. Be aware that these are Divine messages and be open to receive. Each day we are one step closer to our purpose. Be grateful.