Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Ask love how to live

If, in each situation, you acted in love, what would love do? Love is not unkind. Love is forgiving. Love is patient. It bears its sorrow with dignity. Love believes in the best we can do, and cheers us on to do better. Love, real love, is unconditional.

We can even leave in love. Love keeps the unkind words unspoken, but never the praise. Love speaks the truth with a generous and gentle heart. Love allows us to make mistakes and accepts that others make them also.

Love is nonjudgmental. Love does not suffocate or smother, but allows us to be free to soar. Love isn't insecure or painful, but a releasing of all that is good and powerful within us. Love wears a smile and knows how to laugh.

Love sees the beauty in the world around us. Love gives us wings so that we can fly. Love shares. It doesn't horde. Love brings pleasure to the lives of others. Love is like a gentle spring water, it soothes the spirit.

Love doesn't postpone but realizes the importance of the now in life. Love isn't perfection. It is generosity. Love isn't something we must earn but a gift from the heart. Love is something we should give ourselves, and often.

If we stopped and consulted love first, we would speak kinder, even to ourselves. We would hug more often. We would express our love in all the everyday things we do as well as with words. We would not meet anger with anger, but with love.

Love sees the spirit of each of us, not the color of our skin. It celebrates our differences as unique to our person, and sees Divine purpose in the creation. To seek to live in love is a choice and an inspiration to others. Love can change the world. How we exist is our decision, or we can ask love how to truly live.