Thursday, July 14, 2016

Seek answers in silence

We always had a choice. Even when we didn't exercise the full options at our disposal, we were making a choice. We were choosing to drift instead of choosing change. Sometimes fear kept us riveted in a place we should have moved on from long ago.

We can choose to conquer the fear through conscious faith. Through going within to the spiritual connection to the greater power of all-that-is and realize we always had the potential. We've forgotten who we are, that's all.

To have the time to rediscover all the blessings and possibilities we were born with is an enlightenment of spirit. When in doubt reach out. The Divine always answers. He is as close at that still small voice within.

That's God speaking. To listen well we must seek the peace of silence. Close down the chatter of the mind. Seek what it is you desire to know, then ask. Listen, and believe.

For you will receive the answers. Not always immediately, but they will come. The more we practice this inner quiet, the more attuned we become to hearing the Divine messages and their guidance.

When we are full of stress, anxiety, and constant motion, outward and inward, we have closed ourselves to receiving. We can open up by going into nature, becoming quiet without and within and asking the Divine to release the negativity within us.

As you repeat this, slowly you can physically feel it leaving, along with the tension. Your body and mind feel lighter and suddenly you are more aware. It is as though a fog has lifted.

Always seek this silence when you need change, the answers will surely come and you will know their truth in tranquility.