Monday, July 4, 2016

You can choose again

Make the choice to open the doors to your dreams. This is the first step to making them come true. For only when we are open do we allow that there are possibilities. We are the barrier to there being "something more" in our lives.

We are the key that unlocks the hopes and lets them out. Allows them to be free to grow from a possibility to a reality, one step at a time. This key is called faith, and the door is our heart and the means is the Spirit which is connected to all-that-is.

A willingness to see the adventure that life is instead of the routine we created. Life is meant to be more than we ever, ourselves, planned. Out tunnel vision sees limitations in an infinite world. We can choose a different destiny and each day can bring us a step close be each little change we allow ourselves to make.

It is like getting glasses and realizing that before you really could not see clearly. Until we put them on we don't truly realize how blind we really were. Like the words in the song "once I was blind, but now I see", it is a revelation, and a whole new world seems to open up.

This is how our life can be if we take off the blinders our choices have made us wear. We can make a choice how we wish our day to unfold and affirm it each morning. We can make a choice each day to ask for Divine guidance and thus receive it.

We can make a choice to see hope instead of despair, joy instead of sorrow, to be more conscious. Life is not a burden when we choose to release them. It is not an endurance test but a gift and a new discovery, each and every day.

Our life is what we choose to make it and we always have the option to choose again. Be conscious in your choices and your life will move ahead in full awareness, seeing more clearly that ever before.