Monday, July 11, 2016

We create by choice

Sometimes life isn't knowing what we want, it is eliminating what we don't want, and what is left are our choices and possibilities. The remainders are our foundation we can build on. Our dreams are the cement between the stones of experience, education, self-knowledge, talents, accomplishments, and hopes.

We lay them one by one in the process of life, and we fine-tune them so they fit well. Our own creativity is the design. Opportunities are the windows, we, ourselves help to create.

The door is our spirit that opens to the world. We can open or close it at will. We bring into this house the values and standards we choose to live and love by. We furnish it with our aspirations, principles, and goals. Chaing them from time to time during our evolution.

Our visions are the pictures we hang on the walls that they may come to life. Mirrors are reflections of self. Love is in every corner and every fine touch that personalizes our sacred space.

When we welcome the Divine, our truth of being resides here, and Angels watch over us. Nothing is ever complete as long as we are growing, learning, experiencing. We always have the power to change this life as long as we continue to make new choices.

Nothing truly is an ending because all we encounter in this life becomes part of who we are becoming. We are a continuous process in evolution in this life, and beyond.

Each day is a new beginning, greet it with the joy of discovery as do the birds each morning, and each night be grateful for the blessings of that day, and release all regrets that they don't carry over into our tomorrow.

For living with regret is like bolting the door to new opportunity. Clean the windows that your perceptions may always be unblemished and your future bright.