Saturday, July 16, 2016

Practice Love Talk

Why do we prefer to see ourselves through the eyes of others instead of the eyes of God, who is all-loving, unconditionally, always and forever? He created us in love so that we may experience it on earth as well as teach it to others.

Why then do we spend so much time in petty negativity, speaking unkindnesses, gossiping? Wouldn't that time be more fulfilling if we were living it in love? If we replaced all pain filled thoughts or criticism with loving energy. What a better world this would be.

When something negative comes up, stop yourself before you continue to think it, or express it and replace it with love. Realize the love of God is everywhere within and around you and release anything else as unworthy of His children.

Be patient with yourself. You're still in the process of becoming, and so are others. Bless them, don't berate them. You'll get better results! You cannot make others feel at peace but you can seek it for yourself.

You can honor the Divine which is within us all. Speak to that part of those you are in contact with, in loving truth. Do not diminish yourself or others by being unkind, but seek instead Divine energy that released inward will shine outward and bathe your space in love vibrations.

Before you have a serious conversation or confrontation, center yourself. Think about what your loving Father would say if He spoke through you now. Think love and you will speak love.

It takes practice and improves with time. We but need to rethink how we express ourselves, even to ourselves. How can we criticize a Divine creation, for that is what we are. Now practice gratitude. You are blessed.