Monday, October 3, 2016

God answers prayers

God answers when we show faith. Not only must we believe to receive, but we must release the outcome into His hands knowing that God will not give us the outcome we want, but what is in our best interests which is more than we ourselves would ask for.

S/He also asks that in our gratitude, we share that we may be a means of service to Him in helping others and in some way answering their prayers also. Even when a small bird asks for help, God may use us as a means of answering the call.

Always be prepared to do it joyfully. When we willingly become servants of God, S/He opens His arms to us and we receive the outpouring of His great blessings. Do not act in generosity as a means of receiving gratitude or glory, but do it humbly knowing it is God working through you.

We are but a source, a tool God uses. He himself is the great provider. It is to Him we give thanks. God not only answers our financial woes, but He leads us on our path, guiding our way, opening doors for us, and making the impossible possible.

Never think it cannot be done, for God proves over and over that through Him all things are possible. If a relationship troubles you give it to God. He alone can heal what we in our humanness cannot. For only God knows what the other person is feeling and experiencing and can reach into their hearts with Diving healing and bring about a reconciliation.

But first, we must release the outcome and any expectations. For it may not happen in the time-frame we wish and again it may not happen at all. Only God knows what is in our best interest and we, in turn, need to learn acceptance of His great wisdom.

And remember too, God's time is not our time. Our greatest gift is to be open to all possibilities and S/He will fill them abundantly.