Monday, October 10, 2016

The joy of giving

The best gift we can get is giving. The wonder on someone else's face at the generosity of others is a blessing to the give. To help someone in their need and seeing the relief on their face brings us joy. To reach out to others gladdens our hearts.

What difference to someone else's life can we make today? A letter of cheer to someone who is lonely, ill, or depressed can make their day so much better.

A quick call, just to say hi tells someone you care. Whether to aid in a time of trouble or to celebrate a time of joy, when we share ourselves with others we are giving the greatest gift of all, ourselves, our time, our love.

Nothing wrapped and tied with a bow could mean more. Top know that they can count on you is a trust given that is not forgotten. We receive in turn ten-fold what we give from our hearts. It should not be done for any reward or recognition.

It can be done anonymously with only God aware of the good works we do. We can do it in His name and release the need for acknowledgement for all things ultimately come from the Divine. You may hold it to yourself or offer it up in thanks for all the wonders God has worked in your own life.

The gift of friendship and love is the most precious commodity we can give. It is a gift of the heart and the spirit. In some cases, people have been able to give others the ultimate gift, the gift of life, even after they themselves have moved on to the beyond.

Or they have borne a child for those unable to do so themselves. Giving makes life worthwhile. All of us, no matter how impoverished can give something, if only a smile. Be grateful for your ability to give to others in thanks for the many blessings  that have filled your life and see the blessing in all things. God is generous indeed.