Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life is a puzzle

There is a purpose to all things. We need to listen to the messages in them that is for us. At times it is to slow down. To be aware. To listen. The message may teach us compassion or an appreciation of life, and we must realize we came here to experience and learn chosen goals, lessons, and tasks.

Our journey is to serve a purpose even though in human form we may not remember what it is. Know that God will guide us when we ask for guidance and even when we don't ask He is still there. For His love is unconditional.

When we actively seek Him the road is easier and the way is made clear. As we have free will it is our choice to call upon Him. Lord, I can do nothing without you. Show me the way. In my ignorance, teach me, that I may be of service through you. I have lost the way, show me the path.

When I take myself too seriously remind me to laugh. Let me see you in all those around me. Let me not be judgmental. Teach me gratitude and awareness. Help me to have patience, not only with others but also myself.

Let me be respectful of all things and all others. Teach me to take time to admire the beauty of the world, not to rush past unknowingly. Remind me to smile at others I pass along the way. To offer a helping hand when needed.

To recognize the synchronicity and the messages in life. Everything in the right place at the right time through the right people will be provided. We only need to listen to learn.

Life can be a puzzle but you provide the pieces and show us how to put the picture together bit by bit. We are given a part here by someone, a part there by someone else. Be open to receive that you don't have any missing pieces in your life.