Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Be always grateful

God loves you.... pass it on. Not just in words, but in thoughtfulness, kindness, and in daily living. Be an example of His love to others. Don't be afraid to speak to a stranger, to smile in passing. Share the abundance that is given to you and share the love.

For love grows the more we give it away. We always have something we can offer others even if it's only time to listen. Do not spend time dwelling on what is wrong in the world, but what is right in your life.

Look for the good in all things that you may be grateful each day for something. When someone leaves your presence tell them to "go with God"  that they may always be looked after. Those are the most heartfelt words you can say.

And when you say "peace be with you" mean it! Peace is always possible even in the most trying circumstances for it relies not on the external, but on the internal. It is God's love within. The body may struggle but the spirit is strong. "Let go, let God" is not just a saying, it is Divine wisdom.

For we can do nothing without him. And with Him the smallest things are filled with joy and purpose. Riches do not buy happiness, or health, true friends or eternal love. But the poorest man can have it all with God in his heart and life.

Give back to the universe what you receive in life. Praise God, and pass it on. Remember where your true source lies. Sometimes we have to lose everything to find it. For the greater treasure is not in things but in life itself.

Live it with purpose and good will. Make each day count. Touch someone's life whenever possible. Create opportunities. Begin each day and end each day with God and let Him fill the in-between. Count the blessings and release the sorrows, and always be grateful.