Friday, October 14, 2016

The past is tomorrow's key

We look for our roots and we seek our wings. We desire to know the heritage from which we came and to transcend beyond it to achieve our dreams. One grounds us, the other allows us to fly. All that has gone before is a part of us, but does not limit us.

We find synchronicity in patterns, our talents that seemed inherent in those before us as in the now. We learn to understand why we are drawn to the sea, to art, to a love of gardening. It is as if certain attributes are embedded in our genes.

The excitement of exploration takes on life as it relates to our own. We can see the coasts of our ancestors and feel at home. As if we have found a piece of the puzzle we need to fit into place to see the whole picture of who we are.

Some day scientists may find it existing within our DNA, our brain cells, and the blood pulsing throughout us. It both calls us back and sends us forth. Past memories of those who have gone before us may lie withing us.

This is part of the feeling of deja vu, the feeling of knowingness instilled within us. That we have walked this way before when it was not our footsteps, but those that went before us. It is a lighthouse calling us home.

To see all that shapes our potential, our desires, and our talents we must look in the before. We can see footprints of the future embedded in the past. Through synchronicity, all time can exist as one, even the beyond knowing is known somewhere within.

Things are revealed in the right time and right place. I am all that went before me and all things to come. The rings of life are within me, as in the tree. The seeds of the beginning are within the fruit. The more I know, the more I grow. What grounds me also frees me.