Saturday, October 1, 2016

Success is in the spirit

God doesn't see success in the same light as we do. His first goal is to lead us to success in the spirit. To a realization that it is through Him that all good things come. The rest is only material, thus not lasting.

It is what we attain in the spirit that is our true riches. We so often feel, in fear, that we cannot leave the security of our job, or of a relationship. We feel that they are providing us a sense of stability, even though we may be unhappy and have no feeling of joy or accomplishment, only to find ourselves sorely disappointed when we lose the job, for whatever reason, and the relationship has ended.

And we wonder what went wrong. Anything not done in joy is not lasting and only drags us down when we continue it, for it is without spirit. If it is without spirit it is not our true path. So, how do we find our true purpose?

By going within, by centering ourselves, by releasing our attachments to certain outcomes, by becoming open to guidance and actively seeking it within. Let go and let God and have faith that the right path, the means, and even the miracles will take place at the right time.

If we have closed the doors and forgotten to open the windows, which is our soul and our mind, how can they enter? Seek and you will find, but first you  must be open to receive or you will not recognize the opportunity when it arrives.

We read this in "the word" over and over and yet somehow feel this does not apply to the present day. So, we struggle along trying to make things fit by compromising, sacrificing, suffering and counseling, indulging and denying, while something inside us withers and loses its zest for life, which is our God given joy.

Is this what life is about, this day to day struggle, or have we somehow forgotten the meaning of true living, our greater purpose and that we are here to serve the Lord? Release and be joyful for the time is now, God is at work in our lives.