Saturday, October 15, 2016

We are part of the whole

When we look back at our life we can see each step led up to and helped form the now. Events strengthened us where we needed strength, gives us pauses when we were needed elsewhere, created compassion through our own hardships, and gave us the teachers we needed to grow.

Life doesn't just happen, it develops. It is a right of passage. There are cycles, endings, and new beginnings. Trust that you will be put in the right place for what you need to learn, for future developments.

We learn to recognize synchronicity and fate. To know that life is not a series of random events, but destiny and choice. We come to realize we are not alone but part of all-that-is. As we affect nature, the universe affects us.

To care for our planet, our forests, the waters, the atmosphere is to care for the self. We are all one in existence. We learn to have a greater consciousness. To recognize grace when it arrives. To seek not things but inner peace.

To be a contributor so that the cycle of providing continues. To not deplete but replenish. To give back benefits our own spirit. It fulfills a need within. We much also learn to seek times of stillness and not constant motion only.

For it is in the stillness where we may receive insight we would otherwise overlook in our haste. To be quiet in order to know all things take time to achieve, seek patience. Some things need to simmer slowly and cannot be rushed else they don't reach their full potential.

At times, we may feel adrift in unchartered waters but there is a tide carrying us to a new destination, a new leg of our journey where a whole new chapter of our life starts anew. Be open that you may receive the blessings coming your way. We cannot see what is around the corner but destiny awaits.