Wednesday, October 12, 2016

God gives us more

Someone recently told me, I prayed and God answered, and it gave me goose bumps, or chills. Why would that be? It is because we feel we are not important enough for God to answer. We think we are too insignificant for Him to notice.

But nothing in life is too small for God's attention. No words go unheard. God allows what is for our best interest. He increases our faith by answering our prayers but He also makes us turn to Him by giving us hardships we cannot handle alone.

Seek me says God. Make me the pivotal point of your life that I may send blessings down upon you. God knows when each sparrow drops from the sky, when each flower opens up and turns its face to Him.

If we do not include God in our accomplishments they are empty, without spirit. With Him, even the most trivial of successes becomes a joy. How does He ask us to repay Him? Through gratitude, through humility, through love, and through sharing with others.

We also become the tools He uses to answer the prayers of others when we pass it on. Always give back a part of all you receive, that others too may prosper. That they too, in kind may pass it on. Thus God's love is shared and His word is spread.

Oftentimes what we want is not received. We think God does not hear. That is not true. It is we that are not listening. We have a fixed goal. He has a bigger path in mind. He is saying what you ask is not in your best interest.

Be open and I will lead you where you have never dreamed possible. But all things are possible in me. Put your faith in my guidance. Allow my will to fulfill your life. For you are my child and I want what is best for you. That's what God is saying to us.