Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Rejoice in the Lord

Let us not give sorrow to any heart. Remember to give only love. If our words will cause pain to another, is it not better to leave them unspoken?

Be in truth with yourself and others. Do not give false hope, but remember too that through God all things are possible.

Seek peace in your home and invite God to dwell there with you. May your doors be open to His messengers and to those who bring friendship and love.

Take time to pray together, it is the greatest bonding you can have. Fill your hearts with the joy of the Lord. Make a place for Him at your table and in your hearts.

When you are troubled read His word that you may know comfort. Speak to Him as a child would to his loving Father. Trust that He will always work to the good of all in every situation.

Remember God loves His children big and small. So come to Him as a child, with the simple faith of a child and God will enfold you in His love.

God is not judgemental but loves us unconditionally. He only asks us to seek Him first and make Him a priority in our lives.

Do not look for the sorrows in life, but count the joys. Always look for the reasons to be grateful at the end of each day. It is the most life changing act you can perform.

It teaches you the appreciation of your day and the blessing of your life. It is not the big events in life, although they make a difference, but a change of outlook when we notice all the small gifts God puts in our path.

When we learn to open our arms and offer to fully share out life, God enriches us. Be not in fear but rejoice in the Lord.

Share your day with Him, your joys and your sorrows as you would with any loving Father. Open your heart to Him and make Him a part of your life. Not just in prayer when you are concerned, but at all times. In every season and for every reason.