Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Reach out in gratitude for all life's gifts. Take time for stillness. Still the mind so you may hear the words of the Lord. All blessings are yours says the Lord, see and be thankful. Your home is not empty for the angels reside with you and you are never alone.

Open you heart to the fullness of life. God has plans for you and in good time they will be revealed. This is a time of healing and meditation so that you are better prepared. It is not yet time for the enlightenment, but it soon will be.

God is the way and the truth. He is the light in the darkness, all things come from Him. To believe is to see and know. When it is time all awareness will be yours. For now be at peace. The sanctuary of the garden is a place of peacefulness as is the heart of a righteous man or woman.

Believe, have faith, and trust. This is not the time to harvest but the time to plant the seeds and to water and nurture the soul. God is not all lightning and thunder. He is also the soft breeze and the ripening fruit.

Keep your vines healthy through prayer and seeking and in faithfulness and you will be rewarded with much bounty in due time.