Monday, October 24, 2016

The Divine Speaks

God speaks to me in the quiet and in the angel wings in the sky. I hear him in the bird's song softly greeting the morning, and in the peace I feel in prayer and meditation. I recognize the Divine in all the wonders in my world.

In all His creation, even in me. I see Him in the faces of others, in the birds overhead, in my pets, and the wild rabbits I throw carrot slices to. I hear Him calling to me in the breeze that rustles in the leaves, in the voices in many languages, in the waves kissing the shore, in the silence and the still small voice within.

I open my heart to Him and give back to Him by kindnesses to others, known and unknown. The Divine has many appearances, colors, and forms. I can seek Him in solitude or in a crowd. His is the face of loving kindness, of hunger, loneliness, abandonment, joy.

I see Him in the faces of the children and the innocence of a baby. I recognize Him in the old as well as the young. The dying as well as the exuberance of youth. I see Him toil and I see Him play. He is present in all nature. Hug a tree and know Divine strength.

He nourishes me in the food I eat and in the spirituality that feeds my spirit. In His words I read, handed down through the ages, and in all that is unsaid, but understood. I choose to start my day with Him and end it in gratitude for all His blessings.

He encourages my in my endeavors and is the source of my abundance in this life. I thank not those who give, but those who have been led by the Divine in their generosity for their gift is from the heart and spirit. Take time to look, to listen, to feel, and to acknowledge the Divine in all things in life and know His love.