Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today we pray

Today is a day for world prayer. May we remember to take time to quiet ourselves and turn our thoughts, our hearts, and our being toward prayer throughout the day. Toward God and love and peace. Toward a realization of brotherhood, not only to those we know and love but toward all men.

May our prayers turn toward the little differences each of us can make that would preserve instead of pollute our world. Know that the voices and thoughts of many turned toward God in prayer can make a difference.

The Divine listens to each on of us individually, do not imagine that He does not respond to us collectively. Lord teach us how to truly love all our neighbors. Those that are near and those across the seas far away.

Let us embrace our differences and recognize how we can work together to make a better world. How collectively we can feed the hungry, educate the unknowing, house the homeless, and bring the Divine into the lives of all.

Teach us tolerance and love. Help us open our pocketbooks and hearts. Show each of us individually how we can work collectively for the good of all. Let us see your face in strangers near and far that we may not turn away but embrace our brothers and sisters and celebrate our cultural diversity as the gift from God it is.

Let us not worry that we do not know how to begin or that we cannot do enough. Let us allow you to show us the way, and it will be done by your will. Today let us pray for everyone and everything here and abroad. Let us pray to be better people. Let us lift up our hearts and minds and pause to pray, throughout the day.