Tuesday, October 11, 2016

God brings fulfillment

Life can give us so much more than we anticipated when we give control over to God. Our dreams are all so small compared with what He has prepared for our path. The surprises we will encounter, the twists and turns along the way.

Life truly is not a straight path to an intended goal but one full of new marvels, new people, new experiences, a return to school, a new career, and new hope. In the midst of what we planned God shows us the unplanned, at least not by us.

It is His guidance that leads us to a fuller life. One much more enriched than we ourselves ever dreamed possible, and it usually always involves making a differences in the lives of others.

Each of us, in some small way, can and will make a ripple in the world in our comings and our goings and in our contributions along the way.

We may not see or feel the ripple, but it is there non-the-less. A hummingbird may count on you for its meals, or your smile lights up someone's day. Your encouragement helps others to continue seeking a higher path.

The example you set is noticed in the eyes of those around you. Even the little things make a difference. Share what you receive that others may benefit also. Let the gifts God gives you not be wasted, but be a means of enhancing the world in some way.

Take time to notice the beauty in your surroundings, they are a gift from God. All things that come from Him are filled with goodness. He even gives us the gift of pets that we are never lonely, and have purpose to each day.

Open up your hearts, your minds, and your spirit to receive and God will fill them. In God there is only abundance. It is we who create a deficit. It does not exist in God. Through Him all things are possible. Without Him, no matter what we possess we are lacking and unfulfilled.