Monday, October 17, 2016

The whole experience

I feel like I'm learning the ABC's of life all over again. I'm learning a whole new career, beginning with baby steps and like any small child I want to hurry to get the prize that is out of reach but within my vision.

I haven't learned as yet all the steps it will take to get me there so sometimes I stumble and fall and pull myself up. I have to practice and practice to learn a new task so that in time I may reach my goal.

We learn to crawl before we walk and we need training wheels before we learn how to balance ourselves on a bike. And we must do some things repetitively before we do them with confidence.

God created it so, otherwise we all would be born athletic geniuses who didn't need to learn for we would already know.  Actually, we know, we have just forgotten and we can't remember where we put our wings.

We have come here to struggle and to know the joys of learning and accomplishment as well as trials and tribulations. It is something we can only experience in our human form. Without our failures we wouldn't recognize success.

Without sorrow who would know what joy is? We need the highs and the lows to greater understand. That is part of our life's journey. And through it, we learn the capacity to love.

To know humility. To know compassion. What we learn we also teach. What tests us also strengthens us. We choose to come to earth to experience all of life that we may attain a greater knowledge of what it means to live.

For we are all a part of all-that-is. Through each of us the greater whole journeys in all directions and a greater awareness becomes possible. Through synchronicity we touch each other's lives.