Sunday, October 9, 2016

God makes himself known

God gives us the gift of His word in so many ways today. He reaches out through the media, magazines, books, and song. Maybe this is because people no longer take the time for the bible. It used to be the mainstay of the home.

Now we keep the kids tranquilized by the T.V. In the bible there was always a moral to a story. Now, too often, what we watch has no morals. It is just sex, violence, and foul language. But then God reaches out and gives us stories about Angles, miracles, and the living word.

He inspires songwriters, authors, and filmmakers, and slowly we see a change taking place in what we see, hear, and read. He brings faith to the fallen and discouraged. He makes us aware that He is active in the world and our lives and brings us to share the good news, and people are listening, and rejoicing.

More and more people are turning off the crime shows and onto Christ. The #1 best sellers are inspirational books. Topics such as Christian principles and values are opening people's hearts and strengthening their faith.

Giving and gratitude are encouraged by world famous talk show hosts. Owners of T.V. stations dedicate it to feel good shows with a message of love, compassion, and inspiration. The top songs speak of Angels in our midst.

More people are awakened and seek His world in these troubled times. Meditation and prayer are hot topics. People openly discuss their beliefs, reach out in prayer and make God a central part of their lives.

They make church an important part of their week and the spiritual a realization of who they are. Faith is growing and will continue into each and every millennium as we release fear and seek faith. We know we are not alone as more and more we reach out our hands to others and soon we will circle the earth with God's love.