Saturday, October 8, 2016

Live as one with God

Do not only speak to God when you are entreating Him for favors but take time to share your hopes and dreams, your everyday thoughts. Take time to greet Him when you arise as you do the day. Take time to nourish your faith and spirit as you do your human body.

They both run more smoothly when we give them proper care and attention. If we spent as much time in prayer as we do in worry we would find no need for concern for we would allow the Divine to be active in every aspect of our life.

It has never been said that worrying over something has ever answered a dilemma, but it has been said that prayer has. For when we worry we are only seeking an answer from ourselves who obviously don't have it or we wouldn't be so concerned we are stuck in the worrying mode.

But when we pray we are seeking an answer from a Higher, more knowledgeable power. One who knows all the answers. One who can create the universe, move mountains, cause the sun to rise each day, and knows what is in our best interest.

The Divine is all seeing, all knowing, all loving, and desires our sharing in the everyday, in all aspects of our life. When speaking with Him becomes common place we find every aspect of our life changed for it becomes not just an occasional acknowledgement of God, but a Divine relationship.

He is part of everything we do and every decision we make So whatever occurs in our life involves the Divine also. In this manner we can rely on His guidance in all things for we don't wait for trouble to ask for His attention, but have an ongoing dialogue throughout each day, in our minds, in our heart, and with our spirit.

Do not just set aside time for God, but involve God in your life. He wants to be part in all we do, see, think, feel, experience. In order to become one with God we have to let Him in.