Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Live for today

Live one day at a time but not as if it were something to be gotten through but as if this were your unique chance to show Divine love for your father. It is the one day you can show your faith that He will provide and to show your infinite gratitude.

Live it as an opportunity to serve with all the generosity of your spirit. To be an example of what it truly means to be a child of God. Live it in appreciation for the beauty and the joy He has given you. These are the treasures He has bestowed on us.

All the wonder of the seas, the endless sky, the running rivers, the majestic mountains. The vastness of the deserts, the elements, the beauty of the flowers, the panorama of colors. All this and more. He has given us a brotherhood, a virtual cornucopia to love.

Treasure this gift of this day. Be the best you can be for this day. Be a messenger of peace, a deliverer of hope, and ambassador of His loving word. Ask how you can be of service. How you can get the most of this day by giving it as a gift to God.

Walk awhile in His footsteps today. Speak to Him often in your thoughts and with your heart. Try to live life differently today, realizing the wonderful gift it is. Take time to pause today. To breathe in the air, the scents of nature, the salt of the ocean.

Be alive in your total existence today. Treasure each moment, each breath, each thought, each person, each task, each thing you learn or have the opportunity to teach. Realize the infinity that exists and leave your footprints as you pass on the road of life today.