Tuesday, October 4, 2016

God heals wounds

When there is distance caused by hurt and you don't know how to heal it seek God. He knows what is in our heart and the heart of others and He can guide you to a healing. Distance may be needed for awhile.

You cannot rush or push others. Let the Angels speak to them in a soft little voice within. Let them speak of the love you've shared and that a mother's heart is always open. Time too heals but too much time past builds a chasm that is difficult to cross.

Keep an unkindness unspoken as it serves no purpose except to wound. If you see an accomplishment acknowledge it. Love builds bridges instead of barriers. It remembers the blessings and is blind to the faults.

Do not offer an unkindness to repay another. Remember Christ offered His other cheek and forgave greater pain than we will ever know. Know too that your father and mother in heaven always love you, unconditionally.

You cannot change people, they can only see their own mistakes and have the willingness to change themselves. This is part of our life's journey, to perfect our spirit. And each of us is on our own path of learning we cannot hold them back or travel the road for them.

We can but reach out and say, "if you but need me, I'll be there". True love extends forgiveness even before it is asked of us. We don't build walls but open wide the door. Love can truly heal anything, just open your heart to receive it.

The path may not always be easy, but love itself is its own reward. It can cross an ocean, climb a mountain, circle the world, accept the impossible and conquer it through God, who can do all things. For nothing is impossible with God. When you seek love it always finds you!