Thursday, October 13, 2016

You can learn

We must not get discouraged when we plod along instead of advancing at a gallop for each step forward is progress and is at the pace it was meant to be for our own learning.

In youth, it sometimes seems easier, but retention is harder to attain, at times, when we age, but it is not impossible. It is important to keep the mind active and engaged. It is always easier to learn that which we love, but it is necessary to learn the basic tools before we move on.

Embrace them as a means to an end. At times our teachers too may be deficient and leave us to struggle much on our own. Know we can always seek and be granted Divine assistance.

Do not think the Lord does not understand for He is in the spirit of all things in existence. All things, including the human ideas that also create, are gifts from God. Nothing exists without His knowledge.

What we can accomplish is but a speck in the universe compared to Divine creation. Offer up your struggle to His glory and He will help you carry the load.

There is something too to learn in the learning. About ourselves, our dedication, our feeling of accomplishment, as we begin to understand a new thing.

When we can share it with others and also teach, we are giving back that which was given to us. Thus learning is an endless cycle. To have the gift of a new thing to accomplish in our life gives purpose to our days.

If we grasp just one concept we have reason to be grateful for that wee bit of knowledge that we didn't possess before. We have the ability to continue that road each day and to embrace it for expanding our horizons. Believe you can succeed and you will. For what we believe is what we receive.