Saturday, October 29, 2016

Help me to know

Oh God, help me to simplify my life by putting it in your hands. That instead of on worry, my thoughts may be on you, and on others. May my time be spent on prayer instead of petty issues. Instead of looking for what is wrong in life, let me concentrate on what is right.

Let me release fault and instead have faith. Let me look for you spirit in others and not their human errors. Let me embrace each day as the blessing it is. Let me not fear I will be in lack, but believe in the abundance you provide.

Let me not wander aimlessly without direction, but seek your Divine guidance instead. Let me open my heart that you may fill it, and teach me to share that overflow of love with others. May I always be grateful for all that you do in my life, even if, at the time, I do not see the blessing.

Help me to know that it is there as it comes from you as do all things. Help me to seek enlightenment instead of being content in the darkness of ignorance. Help me to make a difference in the lives of those I encounter along life's way.

Let me not seek riches or fame, but love and understanding. Help my words help others for they too are a gift from you. Help the visions you grant me to see be translated on paper that I may share them with others.

Help me to truly listen and not be selective in my hearing. Help me to control my tongue that I not say an unkind, hurtful word. Remind me to smile more and laugh often. Let me be grateful for the friendships you have given me and the blessings of family.

Let me value others for they too are your children. Let me notice all the wonders around me for they are your creations. Let me be conscious to the purpose of all things and seek your guidance along life's path.