Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mary's motherly love

I have a mother who loves me absolutely, unconditionally, and at all times. Her name is Mary. Her son gave her to us and to the world that we all may know a mother's love and that she may bring a sense of peace into our hearts.

She is an example of motherhood we can use with our own children. We cannot always make everything safe for them, but we can be there for them in their struggles. We cannot ensure that they will never experience hardships or prejudice, but we can teach them the way of love.

We cannot shelter them from the visions of violence in the world for it is in the papers, on the news, and within the neighborhoods, and schools, but we can teach the way of peace and to respect others.

To embrace our differences as God's gift, not as a means to prejudice and hate. We can teach our children the gift of giving instead of wanting. That they may know the blessings and joy experienced by giving and not just receiving.

We can teach our children to reach out to the sick and the elderly. To not taunt the handicapped and those that are different, but to celebrate the uniqueness in all and to recognize the Divine in everyone, everywhere.

Each of us are one of God's masterpieces. Created as individual works of art. Lovingly, and to fulfill a purpose. And then He bestows upon us His greatest gift of all. His own mother's love. To share her with the world.

She speaks to all of us, but especially to the children. For it is when we are as loving children we act most like Her son who so loved us that He gave His life for us. And as He was dying said "behold your mother", and for eternity He has granted us Her love.