Monday, October 31, 2016

The Lord Leads Me

At times I feel as if I am not doing enough or accomplishing enough. I want to succeed and move forward here and now. But this is not God's plan. God is teaching me both patience and love, and through that, humility.

I know to put God first before any of my other activities and return o thoughts of Him often during the day. Asking for His assistance and guidance. For if the Divine gives us our little path, He will also show us the way.

The hearts of others have been opened, and they have provided for my needs in this endeavor guided by or through Divine will. I worry to pay them back and this too I must release into God's hands, knowing everything takes place in Divine time and not in my time.

Bless you, Oh Lord, for the lessons I learn this day and each day. Many friendships have been granted me through the struggles we mutually endure. They lead us to a closer bond, not only with each other, but with our Divine maker, and a deeper faith that we can share.

My children too have been through many trials and I have learned it is not up to me to lift them up but to pray and release all things to the Lord, my God. I have been blessed with the love of Mary, the loving mother of us all.

I ask Her and the angels to watch over my little flock when I cannot be near and to keep them in Her loving care. And so She does. No one has more understanding of a mother's love than She who saw the trails and suffering of Her own Son and was there for Him each step of the way.

She who has made the ultimate sacrifice enfolds us, Her children in the warmth and comfort of Her arms. She teaches us to seek the way of peace and love in all things and to honor the brotherhood in all men.