Friday, October 7, 2016

Have Coffee with God

I have a chance to do things right today by seeking Divine guidance in all that I do. Then instead of feeling frustrated at my own inadequacies I can have the understanding God gives all of us when we ask, when we seek, when we desire Him as an active part of our everyday existence.

I start each day with God and prayer as there is no one I would rather sit down to coffee with. The one who sees me as I truly am, with no need to put a face on for the outside world. God is concerned about what is on the inside, in my heart, my spirit, my mind, and my soul.

The day just wouldn't start out right without Him. Together we look at the beauty of the world around me and greet the morning, the hummingbird, the flowers, trees, the air I breathe and I know it's a wonderful world for God created it.

And I know too that I am valued and loved for I too am His creation. Therefore, like everything else, I have a purpose to being here as does every leaf on every tree. As they reach up to the heavens, so does my heart, my mind, and spirit, seeking a oneness with God my Father.

And I thank Him for the gift of this day, for my daily bread, and I ask His help in appreciating all I accomplish today and that I do it for His glory.

When we offer up our activities to God we are more conscious while we are doing them and endeavor to always to our best and our day is filled with joy and purpose even in the smallest tasks.

There is nothing too small when we make it an offering to God. Every act is a gift of love. Thank you God that I am able to perform these tasks today. My ability in their accomplishment is a blessing. All that I do, see, speak, hear, feel, breathe, taste and touch came from you and at the end of the day let me give things for all I experienced. Blessed be God.