Friday, October 21, 2016

Put God in everyday

God is in everything we do, everyday. His presence is not reserved for Sundays. It is not enough to keep Holy the Sabbath day but to allow His influence in our everyday. To be aware, in our interactions, of "what would Jesus do?".

To remember to be loving in our thoughts and our deeds. It is not our purpose to judge but to judge not lest thou also be judged. God does not just reside in us but in others as well.

Even though we may feel we cannot abide another if we remember to look for and address the Divine within, though hidden, we will elicit a change in attitude, bot ours and theirs.

We are all children of God and He truly treasured the lost sheep, as must we. What good is it to spread the word of Divine love to those who already know it while we shun those who need to hear it most? Which is doing God's work?

The easy road is not always the right road. let the Divine show us the path we must climb not the one of least resistance. Accept the challenges He lovingly bestows on you. It is the way of the cross and the way to salvation.

We are living in a time when so many are lost and are in need of someone to show them the way. That it is the spiritual, not the material that matters most. That our great riches are not in things but in a wealth of love.

Open your heart to those that are walking the path and teaching His world for they need our support. Make a sacrifice of a luxury that others may have a necessity. God has blessed you, pass it on.

Remember especially the children. So many see violence, hate, and prejudice as a way of life. It exists outside their door, in their schools, and often at home. They no longer see it as abnormal, but the way of peace and love is for it has become unknown to them. To heal the world, start with the children.