Thursday, January 29, 2015

Time for a tune up

Sometimes we need a spiritual tune up just as our car needs a regular tune up to keep it running smoothly. We get to a spot in our spiritual growth where we take God and His loving care for granted then the light goes on to "check the engine" and we immediately turn to Him in prayer.

Why does the light need to go on? It's not that we don't pray but that God becomes routine to us, as does our prayers, and our everyday lives. Then we need to check on what we are doing and how we are doing it. To give special attention to all the small things.

Perhaps to even consult a specialist to tune up our faith. To release the worries, fears, neglect and any other blocks that are keeping us from being in true harmony with God. Do we ask Him to ride with us each time we go out? For His presence in all that we do, think, see, feel?

Not in a routine way but as our guest of honor. Do we keep our home and car clean that we are prepared to throw open our doors and to welcome Him in? Maybe we need a light to go on in our lives at times to remind us of who we are and the source of all our blessings, who is God.

God in His infinite goodness and as any loving parent not only wants us to do our homework but to do it to the best of our abilities. When we stumble He lifts us up. When we behave unlovable He loves us unconditionally.

When we are neglectful He tells us to check our engine that is our life so that our faith as children of God may be in good working order. To bring us back into consciousness, aware of our blessings and the true source of them all day and every day.

Let the light shine in our hearts, our minds. To light up our spirit knowing that God is with us faithfully even when we fail to appreciate the fact. He is saying here I am. Open your eyes, take care that you overlook nothing and know that my presence is within. It's time for a tune up!