Friday, January 30, 2015

God can do it all

"This too shall pass". This time of limbo, we all go through, is a trial to strengthen our resolve and our faith, out of which we become better people provided we heed the lessons before us.

You dear God, put into my life what I need not only to learn by but in the abundance to see me through. You have fulfilled my needs both physically and spiritually as well as materially. You have but the teachers that I need to learn from in my path. How can I not trust in you?

I wish that I could help others to see and understand that releasing their fears into your hands is the first step to freedom. That they can stop struggling like a fish out of water or one trying to swim upstream against a constant current going against them.

To help them realize that you can smooth the waters and bring peace and calm into the turbulence of their lives. But first we need to ask and believe in order to receive. Some people feel unworthy of asking and some seem to feel that it is limited and are afraid of asking for too much help as if God rations us.

But the biggest part of their difficulties seems to be in believing. For unless you truly believe you cannot release the outcome into God's hands. That takes a leap of faith. Send each paper you need to submit with truth and a prayer.

Do not try to hide or manipulate anything and believe that you can accomplish what God wants you to accomplish or He would not have led you on this path. God gives us the tools and the abilities to do what we need to do to get where He wants us to go.

God never abandons us. He is not limited in His power, in how many He loves and cares for. God can move mountains, part seas, walk on water, turn day into night and provide for all your needs.