Tuesday, January 27, 2015

God sets the tempo

Time management is important but time management starts with God. Put Him first on the list and you set the tempo for the whole day. You can start it in peace and in love and ask Him to accompany you all through the day and He will.

God is always with us and loves us to take time to converse with Him, not just to ask His help in our times of stress and sorrow, although He is there then too. Even as we humans love to hear from our loved ones and friends, God too loves to hear from us.

He loves to shower us with love, to answer our prayers, to provide in abundance, to guide us and to make our way smooth. When we take the time to look around us we are constantly reminded of God in all His creations.

We too are a creation of God and if we look we can find Him within. We need to take time to do this, to shut down the exterior noise and to quiet our mind. It helps if we have a particular spot we go to when we talk to God each morning whether it be a spot on our patio or a sacred space we created in our home.

Whenever we go there then we are emotionally prepared and in anticipation of God-time. Don't just talk but remember to take time to listen as well. God speaks to us in many ways, one is the still small voice within. We hear Him say that things will be okay, to trust in Him, and we know we can for God is the truth.

He never lies to us and always wants what is best for us and He always knows what that is, even if we do not. We can call on God 24 hours a day as He never sleeps and is always aware, caring, and prepared to answer. We never need to fear when God is near.

His promises to us are great for that is how much He loves us. Let Him start our day and walk each step of it with you and to close each day with Him as well. Remember your gratitudes and to give thanks for all the blessings He has provided as well as all the troubles that He kept from your door.