Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fleeting Interlude

I was just a fleeting interlude
for you... someone to conquer,
but being with you
I felt I was the only person
who mattered... at the time
and I could have come all night
and never tire...
I was totally selfish... in the sense
that I was doing... something
I had always wanted to do... with you.
And after... I always remember
the looks you gave me
when you thought no one else was looking,
as if you knew some secret... shared.
For me there was always... excitement,
anticipation for the next meeting,
I don't know exactly when love began
or precisely why... we... had to end.
I do think this world needs
a little more... unconditional love
... to be given.
Most people can't seem to do this.
Love should at least... remain friendship.
I am a contented woman
to have found the love I wanted
even if only briefly... sexually,
I did not unite with you
to make you less whole
and because I care... and you wanted it
... I let go.
But you must know...
that when all else turns against you
.... I'll still love you.