Thursday, January 29, 2015

Share the abundance

Sharing and believing are the basis of abundance. Believing that God is our supply, not a limited universe, we are able to share with others. Not just in material things but of our time, our teaching, our thoughts, and our love. God tells us to leave our material things behind and to follow Him, through the words of Jesus. And through Him, in our faith, are all our needs met, and more.

Be willing then, not to grasp too tightly to things but remember your brothers and sisters in their need. If you have two of something share one with someone who has nothing. I remember a story of Mother Theresa's, she had been told of a family whose hunger was desperate, so she brought them rice, that they may eat.

The mother then divided what was given in half to give to another family also in need. And so teaches the Lord, for He will always reward you in your generosity. There is no lack in God. He humbles us in His unconditional love and teaches us to share with others in that same spirit of love.

When we give we do not lose for it is returned to us, in abundance from whatever source God sends it. Believe and you will receive. Love is the only thing that can heal the world. It can cross mountains and vast seas. It can build bridges and fill storehouses that stand empty.

It can lift up those that cannot find their own way. One kindness always begets another and that is how faith is born. That is how we come to recognize that nothing is impossible with God and all things are possible with Him.

God knows no boundaries or limitations and in faith He teaches us as well, this is so, through faith, love, sharing and gratitude. Each one of us can make a difference in the life of another. All we have to do is reach out in faith. Believe in God's abundance and share what He gives us. This is how we truly learn to experience joy and purposeful living by sharing and giving.