Saturday, January 17, 2015

God is truth and joy

God's gifts to us are truth and joy. These cannot be bought but are available to everyone. They can be given but never taken away. Through truth we know we are loved unconditionally and desire to make ourselves worthy and to be the best that we can be.

To help others and to be examples of love in action. Joy grows when it is shared. The more we do for others the more joyful we feel. When we realize that the importance is not in things but in who we are and how we choose to live then we live in greater truth, in a greater consciousness and appreciation of all life and of God's blessings in all things.

God will and does provide for our needs when we seek Him and He gives us an abundance that we may share with others and teach them also of His generous ways. Joy opens our heart enabling us to give more generously, openly, and in gratitude for our own blessings.

When we pass it on we are ever widening the circle of love and joy. Bringing a realization to those who have forgotten to believe in a life of joy. Joy is not just an attitude, it is a state of being. It recognizes God in all that we see, all that we meet and in all that we do.

It is living not in fear but in faith. It is recognizing the brotherhood in all men whether they be rich or destitute. It is treating everyone with the respect given to God's children. Joy lightens our heart and makes every day a good day for it is the day that God has created and we should be thankful.

Joy cannot be forced but must rise up from the spirit. Joy is greater than happiness which is fleeting. It overcomes sorrow and hardships. It is an awareness that we are never alone. Joy brings us into the light where truth dwells.

Truth is the absence of misconception not just the opposite of lies. Truth is without ego because it is not about self. Truth never hides or misleads. It makes no false promises and is attainable by all, no matter their circumstances. Truth is where God lives for He is the source of all truth. As His children we are born in truth.