Thursday, January 15, 2015

Teach me more

God leads us where we need to go to achieve our way of serving Him on the path He has chosen is the way. He gives us all we need to succeed including our abilities or talents, our joy in our work, the abundance we need to carry on, and more importantly our faith in Him to lead the way.

We learn not to compare ourselves with others but that we are all unique in the eyes of God and that only we can do the work we came here to do, and that with Him and our willingness all things are possible. He leads us through experiences that humble us fo that we may turn to Him for our strength.

We learn it is not our desires but His desires that bring us the greatest joy and that our successes are really His successes through us, we are really but the tools He uses. Even in the things that seem difficult to us, the things we don't enjoy doing we can seek His help that we may see them in a different light and do them in love knowing that here too we are serving God.

In all the daily cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, we are of service. God brings order into our lives, when we ask Him. We must learn to seek Him in all things for without Him we are nothing. God has taught me a greater appreciation and joy of each day, of learning new things and feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Now I ask His help in feeling a sense of joy in what I have not previously put my heart and spirit into. That I may have a greater awareness and love in all that I do, even the most menial task. I pray that He enriches all areas of my life that everything becomes an act of love.

Each day I learn more and more on the path He has put me on. It is a continuous journey of enlightenment. When we agree to serve him it must be in all things and not selectively. He wants our full attention in every way in everything that we do.

I know that I have much more to learn and that God is a willing teacher. Each trial we endure contains a lesson for us to learn. Now I have learned to look for the lessons gratefully instead of seeking self-pity and I have learned to be grateful that He loves and teaches me.