Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cause and Effect

When we share we receive as well as those we bless with our giving. What we learn we also teach by example. When we change our state of mind we also change our life. When we think positive thoughts we elicit positive reactions not only from others but from the universe itself.

There is a cause and effect principle to all things. I would rather live joyfully then in reclusion, sorrowfully, stressfully, or feel myself a victim in some way. Life is full of possibilities but we must be open to claim them. We can change our circumstances only by being willing to make the 1st step ourselves.

God will meet us the rest of the way. If we do not ask, or seek or even try we cannot blame others or circumstances entirely. Life truly is what we make it.

We can see the beauty, seek peace, choose a new path, or we can stay where we are and wonder why life is unfair. Life is never unfair, it is full of lessons when we choose to see them. We can progress through them and move forward or stay still and stagnate.