Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Bank of God

I feel as though God has given me a parable to teach me, when I think of my little checking account getting depleted. Every month money is deposited to it, but it never seems enough. This is what I receive from the world, although it is abundance it it is never adequate, for without God nothing suffices.

When this happens I find myself needing to visit my big savings account which represents God and His infinite abundance, love, and blessings. We go to Him in our need, and He provides for us. Thus we are continuously blessed.

Without this need sometimes we may forget to turn to Him in our daily lives. So the universe is always a little short until we add God to the list of what is needed. When we remember Him as our source, sometimes these withdrawals are not necessary, and He surprises us with extra unexpected blessings.

The reserve God has to fill our needs may come in many different forms. It may be emotional support, an answer to a prayer, physical healing, reconciliation, a need to be at peace, separation from someone we love, or help with our finances.

Whatever we need, we can come to the bank of God where He has put into savings a provision for all that we need, and we can withdraw as much or as little as we need. It reminds me of a dream I had as a child of a magic pocket book and a $20.00 bill.

Whenever I withdrew from it, the $20.00 was always replaced as a never ending supply as long as I remembered God was the source. He is still my source in all things. No prayer goes unanswered. When I release my anxieties into His hands all is made calm and I again am at peace.

Now whenever I need to think of replenishing my financial supply I will remember the bank of God is my source, my reserve, my savings as well as my savior. God has given me this supply as He has provided for all my needs. Thank you God for this lesson.