Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Help me learn more

God let me come to you in all things for guidance and wisdom. For help in ways I never thought to seek your help before as in organizing and accomplishing my housekeeping and cleaning, for help with my procrastination, and for patience.

You have helped me in so many ways already. You have strengthened my faith, led me on a new path, provided wisdom as well as abundance. Taught me to see each day as a joy and helped me release the stress and anxiety that plagued my life, and to eliminate the "what ifs" from my thinking.

You have answered my prayers and showered blessings upon me. You have taught me that you are the source I should seek in all things. I am just learning step by step the all things are "ALL THINGS" including the mundane, each decision, things I put off and hate to do.

If I have your help in every area of my life by asking for it, and seeking it, I know you will teach me much more than I have already learned. I am eager to get started on this new partnership for there is so much more that I need to learn. Starting with a different attitude.

I want my home to be a place of peace and not disarray and clutter as you have helped my spirit be. To live consciously I must do it in all aspects of my life including cooking and cleaning. Help me to be more orderly, Dear God, that my exterior reflect my interior.

Before you can give me more space I must learn to utilize what I already have. I know that now. Help me learn to be patient with myself as well. Help me to learn to set aside maintenance time for that is as important to you as the other work you have given me to do for it will aid in my interior peace.

And where peace is, you are there also. Let my home be a dwelling to welcome you as my spirit, my heart and my mind. You have helped me rid the clutter from other areas of my life and now I ask for your assistance in the everyday upkeep on my home.

So often it looks like a tornado blew through. Thank you for the tools to help accomplish this. The new vacuum, broom, spot cleaners and all the others. I too am just a tool but with your help and guidance I can accomplish much.