Sunday, January 18, 2015

Awareness and Beauty

Thank you God for all the beautiful things you create and their perfection. The wee hummingbirds with their beaks half the size of their bodies. Their speed and their frolicking and their stillness at times. It teaches me we must take time for both work and rest. For the joy I have had feeding them these past years and the company they have brought to me.

My patio has been a place of peace, of prayer, of reflection, good company and of solitude. It has indulged my passion for growing things. The snail plant is in bloom. Its lovely lavender blossoms remind me of sweet peas. It is the only thing in bloom right now but in the past I have had an abundance of colorful flowers with an attraction for the hummingbirds who came to enjoy their nectar.

Many a neighbor commented on the cheerfulness of my garden. That is a blessing from sharing...